Our philosophy

The Haloskin line has been created for professional cosmetic use and is 100% Made in Italy. Haloskin is the result of years of research based on the needs of the beauty sector and has been developed to create high-performing cosmetic products that meet those demands. The high-quality raw materials used, guarantee a performing cosmetic line perfect for both professional and home care use.

Our philosophy

The added value of Haloskin products

Haloskin is intentionally composed of a few but highly functional products. For this reason, Haloskin references can be combined, thus creating specific performing treatments. The added value of the line is in the use of Himalayan Fossil Salt. Once mixed in all the formulations, the Fossil Salt conveys Essential Oils and Vegetable Oils, and in synergy with them, it allows for really-effective results.

The added value of Haloskin products
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Haloskin Professional Line

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Haloskin Home Care Line

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